Sami Yusuf

Name: Sami Yusuf
subject: Full biography of ‘ Sami Yusif ‘

Syamak (samiyusuf) born in Tabrizi family in 19th July of 1980 as his grand father originally belong to Baku of Azerbaijan. But he migrated to Tabriz and Sami born in Tehran. He was three years old that they moved to England.

Sami’s father is one of great Iranian poet and composers in London. He have composed so many songs for Iranian singers and have to mention he have wrote so many poems about Iran even the

lyrics of nation football team of Iran is wrote by Sami’s father

Brother of Sami is artist as well he and his father are busy with composing and writing songs and they helped Sami for his album (My ummah). Sami was 7-8 years old that he starts learning classic Iranian, middle west and…………. Instruments from his father.He has got his degree for Eastern and Indian music from Royal Music College of London. In his Adolescence he loved chanting especially Abdul Basid. Sami Got marry with a Garman girl on 2005, her name is Maryam (margarit). She converted to Islam five years ago. As Sami mention in his interviews that at the age of sixteen, he was spiritually awakened. . He want to leave Music and do something for Islam, even he thought to join law not Music but his best friend Bara Kherigi made him to know his aim. And that he can pass positive message and music can help better to invites people to love Allah and Prophet. In 2003 he starts working on Al Mu`allim (my Teacher) project. Which loved by people all over the world. Sami and his friends start their foundation by name of Awakening which produce Musical products for east and all over the world. Sami can speak so well Persian and English as his mother language is Azari but as he says he cant speak Azari so well and its one year that he is living in Egypt for completing his studies on Islam and Arabic language from Al Zahra university.

—- this post is collected from Sami Yusuf’s Fans Weblog —-


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