Nil Monihar

Ei Nil Monihar (guitar tabs and chords)
artist: Lucky Akhand
album: Unknown

This song is pretty simple and fun to play….
I play it by holding the chords and plucking the strings in the following pattern…
The same pattern of plucking is followed throughout the whole song….

Plucking pattern (Strings):


Ei neel monihar
Ei shornali din a
Tomai Diye Gelam
Shudhu Mone Rekho ( x 2)

Dip jaala raat jaani ashbe abar
Ketey jaabe jibon er shokol adhar
—————————————— C–
Somoy er janalai dariye theke shudhu amai deko
Shudhu amai deko

Shondhani mon koto chonde mogon
Firey paabo bujhi shei gaan er logon
Nilimay duti chokh vashiye diye potho cheye theko
Potho cheye theko

Ei Nil…….Shudhu Mone Rekho (repeat)

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3 thoughts on “Nil Monihar

  1. Hey Atik… Welcome 4 ur Thanks… I try 2 add more purono diner lyrix… if u have some that kind of lyricx, then send them through comment… Bye… Thanks 4 ur comment ! Have a nice jolly day…………. 😉


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