Shunno Biography


Shunno is a Bangladeshi alternative rock band.Shunno was formed by two friends Shaker and Emil, Shaker on Guitars and Emil on vocals. They had been doing music individually for a long time before and came in together to release their first song towards the end of 2007. Soon enough, two additions had been made into the lineup- Michael on Bass and Tanim on Drums. After continuing few months Tanim became bzy for some circumstances, and Labib joined as a drummer.
Till now Shunno has done a huge number of shows.
Imrul Karim Emil (Vox)
Shaker Raza (Guitar)
Michael L-Gomes (bass)
Rafatul Bari Labib (Drums)

Shunno has started its journey with a lot of beleif and within a span of two years has made their presence felt in the music scene very prominently earning a small fan base. Recently they have released their debut album Notun Srot…


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