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And thank you for taking time to visit my LyricsHunter. This is a website which is totally built with song lyrics, it’s guitar/piano chords and guitar tabs. I don’t want to make this huge amount of collection of song lyrics coz I m a student and I don’t have so much time to do for this.

In September’08, I thought that if I would have a website like others… In this thinking, I decided to make website and here I go… I use,,, yahoo360, google pages, synthasite/ and much more free websites for creating my own place. But I failed. Then I decided to make those kind of website which is very demandable in web area. Then I selected software, games, serial keys for making website and want to get popularity. Alas! this time I also failed. When I noticed that I have a fond of collection any kind of song lyrics, their guitar chords and tabs. Then I started my website with my huge collection of bangla, english and hindi song lyrics, chords and tabs. I choose for making and controling very easily for my website and my first wordpress site’s name is This gets so much popularity that I can’t believe! Then It runs November ’08 to April ’11 and inspire me so much… Then I decided to change the URL Address coz there was another website named So that, I changed the name of my website and choose

Now, Here we are… 😉


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